Restoring Watersheds & Forest Health

Plumas Corp is a non-profit corporation fostering good land stewardship through education and restoration.

Established 1985

We’re Hiring!

Interested in working in the Sierra Nevada mountains? We are looking for a full-time Sierra Watershed Restoration Project Manager. Projects are located throughout the Sierra Nevada and southern Cascade mountains, on both public and private lands. The Project Manager will work with a team to develop ecologically sound solutions to watershed issues.

Apply for our Sierra Watershed Restoration Project Manager job and make a difference.

Our Expertise

We specialize in stream and meadow restoration, incorporating the science and knowledge of hydrologic and geomorphic processes. Our work restores streams and their associated floodplains, where applicable, to reduce erosion, enhance aquatic and wildlife habitat, and improve water quality conditions.

100+ Completed Projects

Since 1985, Plumas Corporation has provided leadership on more than one hundred projects.  Projects are implemented through collaboration with various state and federal agencies, private foundations, and non-governmental organizations. Project partners include the USDA Forest Service, California Wildlife Conservation Board, National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, Trout Unlimited, amongst many others.

Resource Management Specialists

Plumas Corp is able to complete and manage every aspect of a watershed restoration project. From planning & assessment, project funding, environmental compliance, permitting, implementation, through effectiveness monitoring.

We also provide watershed monitoring, stormwater pollution prevention planning (SWPPP) and compliance monitoring, grant writing/administration, and watershed education.

Other Services

Grant Writing & Administration

Watershed Education

Forest Restoration

Storm Water Pollution Prevention

Watershed Monitoring



Thompson Meadow

100th Project Implemented

Thompson Meadow is a 47-acre meadow in Red Clover Valley on Plumas National Forest. The meadow burned at high severity in the 2021 Dixie Fire, a year before it was restored. The project was Plumas Corp’s 100th implemented restoration project, in the same watershed (Red Clover Creek) their 1st meadow restoration project was built.

Sierra Meadows Hydrology Monitoring

Quantifying the Effects of Restoration in Eight Sierra Nevada Meadows

The Sierra Meadows Hydrology Monitoring (SMHM) Program is a scientific project that addresses the current paucity of hydrologic data, particularly pre-project, quantifying the effects of restoration in Sierra Nevada meadows.

Sequoia National Forest Projects

Big Meadows, Long Meadow, Osa Meadow

Plumas Corp has been a working partner with the Sequoia National Forest/Giant Sequoia National Monument for over 15 years. The first full meadow floodplain restoration in the Southern Sierra was implemented at Big Meadows in 2007. Subsequent projects since then were Long Meadow restored in 2014, and Osa Meadow restored in 2016. In partnership with Trout Unlimited and California Trout, several more meadows have been restored or are currently in the planning phase.

Foster Meadow

El Dorado National Forest

The Foster Meadow Restoration Project encompasses 27 acres of meadow along the Middle Fork Cosumnes River on lands on lands managed by the USDA Forest Service, Amador Ranger District, El Dorado National Forest. Foster Meadow was identified as a target meadow for restoration in the Amador Calaveras Consensus Group (ACCG) Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project.

Plumas County Fire Safe Council is a Plumas Corp Program.

Fire Safe Mission

To reduce the loss of natural and human made resources caused by wildfire through Firewise community programs and pre-fire activities.